Fast, Cheap, and Under Control: Web Video

In this session, we’ll cover tools and techniques that will get your web video online fast. Cheap (free or almost free) resources will be emphasized to help you create, publish, and perfect your project. Videoblogging, lecturecasting, screencasting, and scenecasting. Bit-rates to MP4, h.264, HTML5 and FLV. We’ve got you covered from shooting and capturing, to converting and publishing. The mobile crowd won’t be left out either with video running on smart phones, ipods, and iPhones. Web video beginners are most welcome, but there will be plenty of nuggets for the advanced user to take away. Get what is normally an out of control facet of the web, under control.

Using JING to Create a Software Demonstration Video

I often teach in a classroom without the technology needed to demonstrate the software I want my students to use.  I have added a lot of step-by-step directions to my assignments but some students need more help.  At the International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics this past spring I saw a demonstration of how JING can be used to create short demonstration videos.  I downloaded JING and within a couple of hours had my first video ready to go!  In this presentation I will describe how easy it was to use JING and also some of the difficulties I had to overcome.