Curriculum, Community, and the Capacious Blog

At a minimum, blogs may be aesthetically pleasing and fluid course management systems.  But my interest here is in what I call the “capacious blog,” the ability of the multiuser course blog to contain all levels of discourse, to be both analysis and play or indeed to blur the lines between the two.  What is the relationship of such a blog to traditional course content and to formal assignments?  What is its relationship to the intellectual and embodied community of the humans in the classroom?  What is the pedagogical purpose of allowing or fostering a capacious blog?

Digital Resources and Global Studies: Working Projects

In what ways can we use digital tools to facilitate global perspectives? Our panel of faculty and student collaborators will introduce two working projects that pursue this aim across our own fields (Chinese Studies, Russian Studies, and History). We will share the immediate ambitions of the projects and their logistics as a starting point for a broader group discussion. This workshop conversation is aimed at producing a shared familiarity with available resources, a brainstorm of project design, and at exploring issues of pedagogy, collaboration, and knowledge creation in a global context.

A More Thoughtful Teaching Center

The University of California, Davis Teaching Resources Center is celebrating its 35th year with a renewed vision of what teaching and learning could and should be at a university. I’ll introduce you to some of our most popular programs and share some secrets behind our relatively low-budget, high-impact success. Come learn about our Faculty Mentoring Faculty Program, More Thoughtful Teaching Symposia, Summer Institute on Teaching and Technology, international Seminar on University Teaching and Learning, our small-grant programs, mid-quarter interviews, and more.