A Wiimote Based Interactive Project System

Interactive White Boards (IWB) are now used in many public school classrooms.  In some schools each classroom may have a wall-mounted IWB used in tandem with a ceiling mounted projector, making the board as easily available as a chalkboard or overhead projector.  A limiting factor for many schools has been cost, the average price for an IWB is about $1500.  A Wiimote-based interactive system provides a very inexpensive alternative (about $60.00) to an IWB.  The requirements for the system are: a Wiimote, an infrared (IR) pen, and the open source Wiimote Whiteboard program.  A Bluetooth-enabled computer and a multimedia projector are also required.  The system allows any surface to be used as an IWB as the Wiimote tracks the location of the IR pen as it moves around the projected image and sends that information to the computer.  The software runs on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux systems and source code is available for download.  In this presentation we will describe the system components, demonstrate possible applications, and discuss problems and potential uses for the Wiimote IWB.