Good Intentions, Unintended Consequences, and Some of the Perils of Web 2.0 Teaching

Definitions of Web 2.0 abound, and while all stress different features of the experience, many of the same notions recur—”read/write,” interactivity, dynamic participation, social mediation, collective intelligence, and so forth.  Are some of these also the features of what might be called a Web 2.0 class experience? If so, what are the potential pedagogical choices that might get in the way of achieving the dynamic, interactive, and collaborative experience that is the hoped for result in a Web 2.0 teaching environment?  This presentation reviews three cases in which I used the UMW Blogs platform in recent classes, summarizes the results of those experiences, and reflects on a few of the decisions that may have had the unintended consequence of inhibiting rather than promoting a “2.0 experience” for the students.