I Contain Multitudes: Finding Whitman in a Digital World

“Digital Whitman,” a Fall 2009 senior seminar in English taught by Mara Scanlon, Brady Earnhart, and Jim Groom, was part of an NEH-funded grant called “Looking for Whitman: the Poetry of Place in the Life and Work of Walt Whitman.”  This project, which was cited in the 2010 Horizon Report from The New Media Consortium and EDUCAUSE, allied five classes, at four institutions, on two continents, with strikingly different student profiles, through open source blogging and social networking technologies.  Considering specific technologies, multimedia student work, pedagogical challenges and rewards, and the implications of the open and collaborative classroom, this presentation will discuss the experience of teaching in a unique, digitally linked, distributed environment.

Teaching the On-Line Literary Journals Class, the Next Generation and Why I Bought a 1958 Mercury Excelsior Letterpress

With Jim Groom’s help, I have now completed teaching three semesters of The Literary Journal: Professional Practice in Publishing and Editing, learning new things with each semester. I’ll talk about the positive experience the students share in learning creativity alongside the practical aspects of publishing a journal–and, as important, the art of collaboration. Because we spend so much time talking about the meaningful interplay of text and image, color and font, I decided to bring into the discussion of “technology” an older, uniquely valuable tool–a letterpress, and will begin having students learn to create fine arts broadsides as another way to think about text, paper, and the “limited run.”