Connecting Across Campus: An Interdisciplinary Software Project

The UMW Speaking Center consultants have been taking in more and more appointments from an increasing number of students. Typically we receive appointment requests by email, telephone, or in person. In an effort to improve efficiency, together with CPSC students under the supervision of Professor Jennifer Polack, we have been developing and testing a new online appointment scheduler software that we hope one day will replace the need for any of the aforementioned methods of scheduling appointments.

Much of what has appeared in print relating to synchronous online student demographics has been speculative.  Widely accepted assumptions identify the following groups as most likely to use a synchronous service: distance education students, physically challenged students, students seeking additional privacy, students unable to come to the center during traditional hours, and highly apprehensive students. The data collected validates some of these assumptions and negates others.

Is Digital Scholarship Really Scholarship?

This session will consider its eponymous question in the context of the future of the university. The format of the session will focus on a conversation motivated by the following questions:  What is digital scholarship?  What forms does it take?  Does it/should it count in your department/discipline for purposes of tenure, promotion, fame & fortune? What advantages does it hold over traditional scholarship? Is digital scholarship really “digital?”

Each presenter will offer a brief (10-minute) statement, followed by a longer period of discussion.