Faculty Academy in the News

It was pretty cool to wake up this morning and find a write-up of Faculty Academy by Joshua Kim (of Dartmouth University) in the “Technology and Learning” blog in Inside Higher Ed.In addition to a great synopsis of the conference, Kim has this to say about the work being done at UMW with teaching and technology:

The list of ways that the University of Mary Washington sets the example in learning and technology is indeed long. UMW is at the forefront of a movement to provide open access to course material and faculty and student contributions through its pioneering UMW Blogsplatform. Check out the “Courses” section of UMW blogs for an aggregated view of the most recent semester’s classes available for viewing on this open platform.

UMW is the home of Jim Groom, and the birthplace of the EduPunk movement. You can check out Jim’s course on Digital Storytelling through its course blog, and judge for yourself what is gained or lost by going around the traditional LMS.

UMW is also the home of Steven Greenlaw, a leading thinker and practitioner of innovative teaching methods that leverage technology for learning. Some of Steve’s amazing ECON courses can also be viewed on the UMW course blog site.

Jim Groom and Steve Greenlaw’s work are great examples of the kinds of innovative teaching we witness every day at UMW; we’re looking forward to hearing from our colleagues across the University at Faculty Academy this week as they share their own experiences with innovation in the classroom!